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Ty Twt Beauty | Beauty Therapy

01. The Challenge

  • Creating a Brand Identity: A young entrepreneur had a promising opportunity to establish her own beauty salon within the shared premises of Salon Artiste in Landaff North, Cardiff. The challenge was to create a distinctive brand identity, including a captivating logo and website, that would help Ty Twt Beauty stand out in the beauty industry.

  • Comprehensive Online Presence: The goal was to design a website that not only showcased all the beauty services offered but also provided a user-friendly platform for clients to access an informative price list. This would serve as a valuable resource for potential customers.

  • Efficient Online Booking: In the digital age, offering online appointment booking was a priority. The website needed to incorporate an easy-to-use booking system that allowed both clients and staff to manage appointments effectively. This was essential for ensuring that treatment times and staff availability were optimally allocated.

02. The Solution

  • Crafting the Brand Identity: Collaborating closely with the client, we delved into the finer details of their vision for the brand identity. The desired color scheme of green and gold was chosen to exude elegance and sophistication. The result was a distinctive and elegant brand logo that perfectly encapsulated Ty Twt Beauty’s identity.

  • Efficient Appointment Booking: To meet the client’s need for a robust appointment booking system, we identified “Fresha” as the ideal solution. This system not only offered seamless appointment scheduling but also integrated marketing, reviews, and payment features. This enhanced the overall client experience. We seamlessly integrated this system into the website, ensuring an intuitive booking process for both clients and staff.

  • Informative Pricelists: Clear and easily readable pricelists were developed, categorized by individual service types. This allowed customers to quickly find the services of interest. It ensured that potential clients had access to transparent and comprehensive pricing information.

  • Enhanced User Experience: The website included easily accessible contact information, social media links, and an interactive map. These features facilitated communication and navigation, making it effortless for clients to connect with Ty Twt Beauty. Recognizing the client’s active presence on Instagram, we integrated a live feed into the website. This dynamic feature automatically displayed up-to-date images of the salon’s services, giving visitors a real-time glimpse into the quality of their offerings.

03. The Result

Following the successful implementation of the solutions, Ty Twt Beauty achieved several significant outcomes:

  • Consistent Website Traffic: The beauty salon’s website witnessed a steady and continuous flow of traffic month on month, encompassing all pages. This indicated a strong and sustained online presence, effectively attracting and retaining visitors.

  • Booking System Engagement: The website’s analytics revealed a significant level of interaction with the integrated booking system. This demonstrated that clients readily embraced the convenience of online appointment booking, which significantly enhanced the overall customer experience.

  • Increased Enquiries: Owners noticed a substantial increase in inquiries originating from the website. This shift to online inquiries highlighted the effectiveness of the website in serving as a primary channel for potential clients to seek information and communicate with the salon.

  • Efficient Booking Management: Staff found the booking system simple and efficient to manage, optimizing the allocation of treatment times and staff availability. This allowed for a more organized and streamlined operation.

  • Advanced Booking Trends: Notably, there was a surge in clients booking their appointments further in advance. The seamless booking process and enhanced user experience encouraged clients to plan their visits ahead of time, improving both client convenience and appointment management for the salon.