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The Copper Pot | Restaurant

01. The Challenge

  • Delayed Online Presence: The Copper Pot, a well-loved restaurant on Cardigan High Street, had been postponing the creation of a website and the adoption of an online booking system. The perceived time and effort required for these endeavors had been a significant barrier.

  • Enhancing Visibility: James, the owner of The Copper Pot, aimed to enhance the restaurant’s visibility, especially among tourists. While the locals were familiar with the restaurant’s renowned skillet steaks and high-quality cuisine, he sought to extend this appeal to a broader audience.

  • Online Booking Necessity: In today’s digital age, customers increasingly prefer the convenience of booking restaurant reservations online. This transition was a high priority, as the traditional method of using a booking diary and a pen was no longer sufficient to accommodate the restaurant’s growing popularity. A more modern and efficient system was required to meet customer expectations and manage reservations effectively.

02. The Solution

  • Optimal Booking System Selection: The Copper Pot’s staff embarked on a diligent process of researching and testing different online restaurant booking systems. After careful evaluation, they selected the system that best aligned with their requirements – “Sugarvine.”

  • Comprehensive Online Presence: The chosen booking system was seamlessly integrated into a newly designed website. This website featured a captivating image gallery showcasing the exquisite array of fine food and cocktails that The Copper Pot had to offer.

  • Enhanced User Experience: To ensure a user-friendly experience, the website incorporated easily accessible contact information, social media links, and an interactive map. These additions proved valuable for customers seeking information and directions to the restaurant. The culmination of these features transformed The Copper Pot’s online presence into a dynamic and inviting platform, catering to both locals and tourists alike.

03. The Result

Following the successful implementation of the solutions, The Copper Pot experienced a series of positive developments:

  • Notable Website Traffic Growth: The restaurant’s website witnessed an immediate and sustained month-on-month increase in traffic across all pages. This surge in online engagement was a clear indication of the enhanced online presence’s effectiveness.

  • Booking System Success: The website’s analytics revealed a substantial level of interaction with the integrated booking system. Customers readily embraced the convenience of making reservations online, contributing to an improved customer experience and efficient reservation management.

  • Streamlined Reservation Management: As a direct result of the online booking system’s adoption, the restaurant’s staff observed a reduction in phone calls for reservations. This transformation alleviated the workload and stress associated with managing reservations, freeing up valuable time for staff to focus on other aspects of ensuring an exceptional dining experience for customers.