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Round And Black Tyres

01. The Challenge

  • Data Chaos in Tire Catalog: Round And Black, renowned for its extensive motorcycle tyre catalog, faced the daunting challenge of managing a rapidly growing volume of data. This data had become increasingly difficult to control and organize, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

  • Supplier Data Integration Obstacles: Integrating data from various suppliers proved to be a significant challenge. Suppliers often presented data in slightly different formats, making the integration process complex. Given the critical nature of tire product data, standardizing data storage was essential to ensure uniformity and accuracy.

  • Customer-Centric Data Requirements: Tyres are a crucial purchase for customers, and they rely on factors like fitment, suitability, and performance to make their choices. The website needed to present a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to easily filter and find the exact tyre they needed, while also providing suitable alternatives. The challenge was to create an effective and streamlined data presentation that catered to these specific customer demands.

02. The Solution

  • Data Standardization: To address the challenge of inconsistent supplier data formats, we leveraged our Microsoft Excel and data manipulation expertise along side RAB’s industry knowledge. Meticulously transforming all supplier data into a universal template. This process, although time-consuming, was crucial for eliminating any irregularities and ensuring data uniformity.

  • Streamlined Data Integration: With the universal template in place, supplier data seamlessly mapped to this standardized format. This transformed data was then integrated into the Channel Advisor content management system, streamlining the data flow process.

  • Enhanced E-commerce Setup: Round And Black’s e-commerce website, powered by Big Commerce, was further optimized. Custom features, including a tire part finder and faceted filters, were developed. These bespoke functionalities allowed customers to filter tire options using a range of variables such as price, brand, size, and rating, significantly improving the shopping experience and ensuring customers could easily find the tyres that matched their specific needs.

03. The Result

As a result of the implemented solutions, Round And Black has witnessed several key achievements:

  • Efficient Integration of New Tyre Ranges: Round And Black has streamlined the process of integrating new tyre ranges into their data. The universal data template has made this integration considerably easier, ensuring that data remains consistent and well-organized. This newfound efficiency has reduced the time and effort required for these tasks, saving valuable employee resources.

  • Up-to-Date Catalog: Supplier feeds are now updating the tire catalog daily, guaranteeing that product information is consistently current. This automated process ensures that customers have access to the latest tyre options, leading to an improved customer experience.

  • Impressive Website Growth: The Round And Black website has experienced significant growth, evident in increased traffic and sales. Analytics data has revealed that the tire part finder and faceted filters are actively and effectively used by customers. These features have not only enhanced the customer experience but have also contributed to a notable boost in sales, reaffirming the success of these website enhancements.