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Brooks Barn Motorcycles

01. The Challenge

  • Data Management Overload: Brooks Barn, renowned for its extensive motorcycle parts catalog, was confronted with the overwhelming challenge of managing the growing volume of data. As their inventory expanded, their existing data management processes began to spiral into chaos. This surge in data not only posed difficulties in maintaining data accuracy but also impeded their ability to efficiently utilize this valuable information. It became evident that a more robust and efficient data management system was imperative to maintain control and streamline their workflow.
  • Multi-Platform Expansion: With a primary sales presence on eBay, Brooks Barn recognized the potential for diversifying their sales channels. To broaden their market reach and offer their extensive catalog to a wider audience, they decided to expand their sales avenues. This expansion included establishing their online store in addition to exploring new marketplaces beyond eBay. This transition meant that they needed a more flexible and integrated approach to manage their inventory, product listings, and order fulfillment across multiple platforms.
  • Supplier Data Integration: Brooks Barn faced significant challenges when it came to integrating data from their suppliers. Suppliers provided data and feeds that were inconsistent and fragmented, leading to complexities in unifying this information. This struggle was compounded by the presence of gaps in the data provided by their suppliers, further complicating the process of incorporating this data into their systems. They required a more efficient and streamlined approach to integrate supplier data, ensuring data completeness and accuracy.
  • Complex Motorcycle Fitment Lists: Motorcycle fitment lists play a crucial role in the sales of motorcycle parts, as they help customers identify the parts that are compatible with their specific make and model of motorcycle. Brooks Barn, however, faced the challenge of managing increasingly complex fitment lists. This complexity stemmed from the diverse range of motorcycle brands and manufacturers they dealt with. As these lists expanded and diversified, it became progressively more intricate to cross-reference and manage the compatibility of their parts. A solution was required to ensure that fitment lists remained accurate and accessible, enabling customers to easily identify the right parts for their motorcycles.

02. The Solution

  • New CMS Systems: We’ve implemented cutting-edge Content Management Systems (CMS) tailored to Brooks Barn’s specific needs. These CMS systems efficiently manage their extensive SKU count, ensuring that data is well-organized and easily accessible. By taking control of essential business operations, the new CMS systems optimize their workflow, making data management more efficient and accurate.
  • Linnworks Integration: The seamless integration of Linnworks is a pivotal step in enhancing Brooks Barn’s operations. Linnworks has taken charge of their pick, pack, and dispatch operations, streamlining these processes for greater efficiency. This integration ensures that orders are handled swiftly and accurately, reducing human errors and improving order fulfillment.
  • ChannelAdvisor Integration: Our integration of ChannelAdvisor is instrumental in streamlining Brooks Barn’s operations. It manages supplier feeds and enables seamless connections to new online marketplaces, including Fruugo and OnBuy. This integration has been particularly impactful in improving the management of over 2 million eBay listings, resulting in enhanced visibility and sales.
  • E-commerce Website: We’ve successfully developed a brand-new e-commerce website for Brooks Barn using BigCommerce. This website seamlessly integrates with Linnworks and ChannelAdvisor, ensuring that data flows seamlessly between these systems. This integration empowers Brooks Barn to offer a consistent and user-friendly online shopping experience to their customers.
  • Custom Website Features: To further enhance the customer experience, we’ve designed and implemented custom website features. These include motorcycle fitment checking, part finders, and faceted filters. These features make it easier for customers to find the exact parts they need, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience on the website.
  • Web Scraping Tools: We’ve harnessed the power of web scraping tools to enrich Brooks Barn’s supplier data. These tools enable us to source relevant product information directly from manufacturers and trusted internet sources. As a result, the data provided is more accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date, improving the quality of product information and customer experience.

03. The Result

As a result of the implemented solutions, Brooks Barn has achieved several noteworthy milestones:

  • Streamlined Data Management: Brooks Barn has experienced a remarkable improvement in data management. Supplier feeds are now seamlessly updating their catalog on a daily basis, ensuring their product information is consistently up-to-date. This has significantly reduced manual data handling, saving valuable time for employees.

  • Impressive Website Growth: The Brooks Barn website has undergone significant growth, both in terms of increased traffic and sales. This expansion is a testament to the enhanced user experience and efficient data management processes in place. Customers are finding it easier to locate and purchase the motorcycle parts they need.

  • International Reach: While Brooks Barn’s primary focus remains domestic, the revamped website has attracted global attention. Although they do not actively sell internationally on their website, the improved online presence has led to international inquiries and interest. The groundwork for international expansion is now laid, promising exciting prospects for the future.